Aspen Powers in the geothermal area of Grimsnes-og Grafninshreppur, Iceland

Aspen Powers in the geothermal area of Grimsnes-og Grafninshreppur, Iceland

Aspen Powers, is an American media personality, Executive Producer, writer, travel blogger and Chairman of VarGo Media, Inc. Aspen is currently the TV Host, Executive Producer and creator of Travelpolitans. To television audiences he is known to give off the silent quirky-but-cool vibe that makes you want to see where he is going, who he meets and what is going to happen next. 


On Travelpolitans, Aspen is known as the International Man of Tourism. He is also known for his work in television as a producer of Club Culture 360, a traveling TV dance show that spent 11 years in development and he has continue to develop a portfolio of TV and new media projects and has proven himself as a can do executive producer. As an executive producer he is responsible for developing, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of production such as raising capital, marketing, sponsorship and so much more.


He was born in New Haven, Connecticut and raised in Branford, Connecticut. He grew up with an interest in sports, nature, acting, music and a strong concentration in business. He began his professional career as an investment banker, later moved into the urban real estate market as a real estate developer rehabbing dilapidated homes for first time homebuyers and low-to-moderate income families, which led him to evaluating several projects in South Africa involving a few companies, non-profits organizations and the U.S. Government’s development finance institution O.P.I.C. (Overseas Private Investment Corporation).


Following his real estate career, he made a change and began working in the hospitality venue industry at the legendary Toads Place located in New Haven, CT. Toad's Place is a world famous 40 year old music venue that has played host to some of the most popular acts in music such as the Rolling Stones, U2, Drake, Bob Dylan, Kayne West, Wiz Khalifa and many more. At Toad’s Place he started at the bottom and thereafter he started wearing a concert promoter hat producing small concerts and shows and closing the venue on assigned nights. Aspen’s love for new media and entertainment enabled his transition to being the Chairman, CEO of VarGo Media, and serving as an on-camera TV personality and host of docuseries titled Travelpolitans.


Aspen has traveled to Canada, London, Germany, Amsterdam, South Africa (2x's), Iceland and Sweden and is in the process of adding more countries to his list. While developing Travelpolitans, Aspen was fortunate enough to integrate his worlds of business, television, music, mixology, and traveling abroad. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Aspen is a curious explorer and adventure seeker -- and is almost willing to try anything once within limits. Watch this series as he travels with six others as they discover popular and off the beaten path locations throughout various parts of Scandinavia.